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Detective 836 – Robin in a room full of Scarecrows


Rozum and Mandrake conclude their 2-part Scarecrow story in Detective 836 (Nov. 07).


Robin winds up in a house full of killer Scarecrows, which Mandrake’s art conveys so well.


When he finally confronts the real Scarecrow, Crane expounds on how he is fear incarnate.


But as much as the Scarecrow tries, Batman can always top him.

The ending is pretty pro forma.  Faced with Batman, the Scarecrow loses his confidence, and the fight.

Detective 835 – the Scarecrow escapes


John Rozum steps in for a 2-part Scarecrow story, beginning in Detective 835 (Oct. 07), with Tom Mandrake art.


Jonathan Crane is feeling under-appreciated in Arkham.  He has become so reliant on his fear gas that people are considering that he is helpless without it.  He sets out in this story to prove his detractors wrong.


He displays a skill with hypnosis never seen before, as he convinces his guards that he has turned into a flock of ravens, which terrifies them.  His mask is closer in appearance to that from Batman Begins than it has been before.


Batman and Robin head to Arkham, and finds not only the guards but also the doctors and inmates in a state of trauma, all caused by listening  to Crane. Poison Ivy cameos, and mention is made of Mr Freeze, and even Zsasz, breaking down.


The Scarecrow begins a random murder spree, and increases the terror of the citizenry by leaving stuffed Scarecrows all over Gotham.

The story concludes next issue.


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