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Action 534 – Lord Satanis and Syrene split Superman, and Air Wave encounters an alien


Wolfman, Swan and Hunt begin a storyline that will run over the next eight issue in Action 534 (Aug. 82), as Lord Satanis and Syrene draw Superman back into their magical marital problems.


Superman finds himself drawn to a medieval, magical land, and it doesn’t take him too long to figure out this is Lord Satanis’ realm.


Lord Satanis still wants the power of the runestone, and needs Superman to funnel it.


Syrene is invisible for much of the story, but doing all she can to mess up Lord Satanis’ plans.


She succeeds, but not in a way any of the three envisioned, as she splits Superman into two people.  This situation would not be resolved until the following spring.


Air Wave begins his final solo two-parter, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Sam delaRosa.


Hal daydreams through a school club meeting about aliens, but is excited to see an actual UFO.  Karen Peterson feeds him the excuse he needs to change costume and get to the ship.


Air Wave discovers that he can “hear” the aliens thoughts, but that the alien can pick up on his as well.  He also discovers that the alien is one of his teachers, the one who runs the UFO club.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Action 525 – Neutron debuts, and Air Wave becomes Green Lantern

Lex Luthor is once again involved in the creation of a new Superman villain, as Neutron debuts in Action 525 (Nov. 81),the first half of a two part story by Marv Wolfman, Joe Staton and Frank McLaughlin.


As part of a group called the TNT Trio, Nathaniel Tryon is part of a fuel rod theft at a nuclear power plant.  The men are working for Luthor, but that does then little good when the plant begins to melt down.  Superman rescues his two partners, but Nathaniel is buried in a collapse, surrounded by lead shielding, and the hero does not see him.


He emerges with some fairly impressive powers, though not on the Firestorm or Captain Atom level.  He can absord energy, and fire nuclear blasts.  He can even turn himself into pure energy, as well as being extremely strong.  Luthor builds a suit to contain his energy.


This story also sees the return of the Daily Planet globe to the roof of the WGBS building.  Morgan Edge is finally won over by the pleadings of Lois Lane, and agrees to its re-installation.


Superman has his first encounter with Neutron, and the villain leaves him lying in a pile of rubble.


Air Wave gets an enjoyable entry, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte.


Hal and Karen Peterson are attending a comic convention, where a thief dresses up as comic book hero the Cosmic Corsair before trying to steal some valuable artworks.  Air Wave stops him, but suffers temporary memory loss.  Karen has to figure out how to remind Hal of who he is, without giving away that she knows his secret identity.

She does, and he captures the fake Corsair.


The final panels are quite cute, as they dress up for a costume ball, Karen as the Corsair, and Hal as his uncle, Green Lantern.  “Who’d ever believe Hal Jordan was Green Lantern?”

Action 511 – Superman and Luthor vs Terra-Man, and Air Wave returns


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte continue with Lex Luthor’s change of sides in Action 511 (Sept. 80).


Luthor sets out to prove himself, curing all manner of diseases,and performing a variety of other good deeds.  Morgan Edge is convinced (maybe because he was one a villain himself), and has Lana report on Luthor’s benevolence, but Superman remains suspicious, even after Angela Blake testifies on Luthor’s behalf.


Superman beings Lex to the Fortress of Solitude to perform some tests, and try to assure himself that the change is real.  Terra-Man believes that Luthor has reformed, and is none too happy about it.  He attacks the Fortress, with an alien helper.


Luthor helps Superman defeat Terra-Man. Or, well, at least he does not help Terra-Man defeat Superman.  At any rate, after the battle Superman decides he doesn’t need any further tests, and is now pals with his old friend.


The real DC explosion happens, as the comics all gain an additional eight pages.  Air Wave and the Atom have the series here revived, and are joined by Aquaman in a rotation that will run for the next few years.

Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte pick up as if the series had never stopped.  Likely because this was written and drawn before the previous run was cancelled.


Karen Peterson discovers Hal’s young cousins playing with his costume, and they tear it.  She had already figured out his identity, and decides to fix, and improve, his costume.


Hal and Karen go to a theme park, and when robbers mess up their date, Hal gets into his new costume without even noticing the difference, until he finds handcuffs in a pocket that wasn’t there before.  He has no idea where the new costume came from, and still thinks he has fooled Karen about who he is.

Action 488 – Microwave Man defeats Superman, and Air Wave begins


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Microwave Man story in Action 488 (Oct. 78).


Now made youthful by his alien friends, Microwave Man seeks out Superman for battle.  His powers are based on the microwave energies that he can draw off of, and the fact that there is no much more of this in the 70s than in the 40s means that his powers are far greater than they had been in the past.


But Superman can see that the energy is also burning the man out, and that he refuses to quit until he wins. Superman allows himself to be beaten, simply to get the man to stop.  But Microwave Man collapses, and dies, as had been his wish.  The aliens make this clear to Superman, that he knew being made young again would kill him, but he wanted to die a triumphant villain.

You know, for a villain, Microwave Man didn’t seem like such a bad guy.


Air Wave moves into his own series, by Rozakis, Saviuk and Chiaramonte, having been a supporting character in Green Lantern for the past few months.


Hal Jordan is the son of the original Air Wave, and nephew of his namesake.  His powers are greater than his fathers, as he can travel through radio and television waves, and doesn’t have to roller skate on telephone lines.  He moves to Dallas in this story, taking up residence with another of Green Lantern’s brothers, Jack Jordan.


Air Wave meets the girl next door, Karen Peterson.  They go out on a date to a model train exhibit, where Hal gets into action as Air Wave.  He tries to cover his identity, but Karen proves more observant than the average girlfriend, and is pretty sure he is Air Wave.

The DC Implosion strikes before the next Air Wave story could come out, and the series remains in limbo for a year, returning in these pages in 1980.

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