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Action 238 – King Krypton, the super gorilla


Binder, Boring and Kaye introduce another super-ape in Action 238 (March 1958).


Once again there is a super-powered ape running wild, and Superman heads to investigate.  Unlike Super-Ape, King Krypton cannot speak.  He gets his name from Jimmy Olsen, after Superman discovers that the ape arrived on Earth by a rocket from Krypton.


The surprisingly white African natives have fashioned spears out of kryptonite to keep King Krypton at bay, but those spears also take down Superman.  The two Kryptonians, man and beast, are pitted against each other in an arena.


At the climax of the battle, King Krypton sacrifices himself to save Superman, and in doing so reverts to his human form.  He had been a scientist on Krypton, working on an evolution ray, which backfired and turned him into an ape.  He had been shot into space in the hopes that cosmic rays might cure him,but drifted until he reached Earth.

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