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Detective 809 – War Crimes begins, and Croc needs help


Andersen Gabrych and Pete Woods return, with Javier Bergantino on inks, for War Crimes, a four part sequel to War Games, beginning in Detective 809 (Early Oct. 05), and continuing though the following issue, and the two issues of Batman the same month.


The question of blame for the events in War Games is central to this storyline.  Batman takes down the head of the Vosovs, but even she blames Batman for the revived warring.


Bruce Wayne is sent the tape of a tv show, in which a heavily scarred survivor, Aaron Black, is interviewed, and talks about the torture and death of Stephanie Brown at the hands of Black Mask.  He reveals her identity as Spoiler, and as Robin as well.

Batman goes to see Leslie Thompkins, only  to find that she has left Gotham completely.  And Stephanie’s medical records have been stolen as well.


Batman runs into Aaron Black, and has the guts to stand up to him and defend his position, but gets a bit more scared when the Joker shows up.

The story continues in the next issue of Batman.


Gabrych also scripts the Croc story, with Castillo and Ramos on the art.


As dangerous and threatening as he is, Croc still maintains enough sanity to not eat the doctor, who he is relying on to cure him from the virus Hush injected him with.


The last page of the story makes one wonder about the doctor’s motives, but that’s just for the cliff-hanger.  She stays true to her oath.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Detective 793 – tunneling out, and getting ready


Gabrych, Woods and Smith continue their story of family troubles and mob manipulations in Detective 793 (June 2004).


Below the rubble of the building, Batman finds Leslie, L’Shea and the still-dying girl, now with the baby delivered.


There is no clear way out, but a small passage that Batman has opened.  L’Shea crawls out with the baby, her grand-child.  It’s really not clear if she will take the baby to the hospital, or just dump it and run.  Batman and Leslie stay with the mother until she dies.


Batman hunts down Mr. Freeze, unplugging him and quickly removing him from the picture.


The story ends as Bruce and Leslie take a walk through the rarely-seen gardens surrounding Wayne Manor.  L’Shea did get the child t safety – and to the media, where she spun a story of delivering the child herself and earned the monicker Miracle Mom.  Bruce and Leslie are neither impressed nor surprised, but have also found more understanding between themselves.


Liberman, Dziakowski and Green get things set up for the finale of The Tailor, coming in the next issue.


Each page of this story shows the Tailor getting prepped for the coming fight, and along the bottom, his three former team-mates approaching Gotham, as the mileage signs mark the distance.


The story concludes next issue.

Detective 792 – a real diva, and The Tailor learns the plan


As if a shot, pregnant teenage girl was not enough, Gabrych, Woods and Smith take Detective 792 (May 2004) into even darker territory.


Leslie and the girl have been kidnapped by a gangster and his pop star wife, L’Shea.  As the story slowly comes out, we discover that L’Shea, who claims to be the girl’s sister, is really her mother.  She had the child at a young age, but didn’t want her to ruin her career. The kidnapping is just further insurance.


To complicate things, the gangster is involved in a power struggle over a region of Gotham known as The Hill, with Mr. Freeze also interested int the territory.


The story also has a flashback.  There was a period, in Bruce’s youth, when Leslie moved to Africa, running a clinic there.  Alfred and Bruce came to visit, and armed men tried to rob the hospital.  Bruce tried to fight them off, but failed.  It was Alfred who saved the day. The story also touches on the romance between Alfred and Leslie, which never came to fruition.


Batman also demonstrates that safety is no deterrent to fashion, with his snazzy new Bat-helmet for motorcycling.


The story culminates as Mr. Freeze’s men demonstrate why they will never be major villains on their own, using his weaponry so badly that they collapse an entire building on themselves, as well as L’Shea, Leslie and the wounded girl.

The story continues next issue.


The Tailor heads to prison, in this chapter by Lieberman, Dzialowski and Green.


Three more of his former gang members have been released, leaving only one behind bars.  Once again, he attempts to argue that he was not the snitch.  But it’s far too late for that, the other three are already on their way to Gotham, and neither the Tailor nor his daughter are safe.

The story continues in the next issue.



Detective 791 – Leslie asks for help, and the Tailor remembers


Gabrych, Woods and Smith are the creative team on Detective 791, in which Batman must hunt for the relatives of a dying girl.


A 16-year old pregnant girl is brought into Leslie Thompkins clinic after being shot in the stomach.  Leslie fears the girl will not survive the night, and contacts Oracle, to contact Batman.


The relationship between Bruce and Leslie, once so strong, has developed tensions over the past few years, as her disapproval of his violent ways has increased.  To be fair, Batman is far more violent than he was when her character was introduced in the mid-70s.  But she knows what he is capable of, and needs her Jane Doe identified, and relatives found, before the woman dies and her baby is left orphaned.


Batman delves into an underworld of deprivation and poverty for children, among the seedy denizens of the underworld.  He does get a name and address for the girl’s sister, but when he returns to the clinic, Leslie and the girl have vanished.

The story continues next issue.


Much of this installment of The Tailor, by Lieberman, Dziakowski and Green, is a flashback to the heyday of a villain team called Mayhem, which the Tailor was a part of.


We see a robbery of theirs go terribly wrong, someone gave information to the cops.  The Tailor was, and still is, blamed for being the snitch, and the other gang members intend to exact vengeance.

The story continues next issue.


Detective 768 – hiding in plain sight


I’m not sure why Detective 768 (May 2002) is not part of Bruce Wayne: Fugitive.  It begins a three-part story, and the other two parts are labelled as such.  By the time this story begins, Bruce Wayne has escaped from prison and vanished, so the Fugitive thing is already happening.  But as I find the Fugitive storyline long and somewhat pointless, it doesn’t matter than much to me.


Rucka, Lieber and Gray relate the events. Batman has simply shed his Bruce Wayne persona, and is being Batman full-time.   While cops around the world hunt for the famous fugitive, he never even bothered to leave the Manor.


After busting up a drug den, he brings one of the ailing addicts to Leslie Thompkins’ clinic.  She misses his Bruce Wayne side, and reminds him of all the good he did in that identity, which he cannot do as Batman.


Montoya and Allen are irked that the feds have taken the case away from them, now that Wayne is a fugitive. But they figure that he could never have arranged to flee the country without help, and that Alfred is the most likely one to have aided him.


Batman’s only interest is pursuing the heroin dealers, and he winds up running into Tzu, the Triad leader transformed by Whisper A’Daire, who now seeks to help him.

Detective 575 – Batman: Year Two begins


Detective 575 (June 1987) begins the four part Batman: Year Two storyline.  A sequel only in concept to Batman: Year One.  Curiously, although Mike W Barr writes the entire storyline, Alan Davis and Paul Neary provide the art for only the first issue.


Through Leslie Thompkins, Bruce Wayne is introduced to Judson Caspian and his daughter Rachel, both recently returned to Gotham after many years abroad.


Bruce is quite smitten with Rachel, and only mildly deterred when she announces her intentions of becoming a nun.


But it’s Rachel’s father that Bruce should have been interested in.  We discover that he is The Reaper, a murderous vigilante that had plagued Gotham in years past, but who has not been seen in a long time.  About the same amount of time Judson Caspian was in Europe.


And Caspian resumes his alternate identity, using his deadly blades to eliminate the criminals he finds.


Batman encounters the Reaper, but finds himself outmatched, and has to flee.

The issue concludes as Batman decides he may need to arm himself with a gun in order to be able to match the Reaper.


Detective 574 – the re-introduction of Leslie Thompkins


Continuing the story from the previous issue, Detective 574 (May 1987) sees Robin being tended to as Batman flashes back to his origin, thanks to Mike W Barr, Alan Davis and Paul Neary.


The story really serves to re-introduce Leslie Thompkins.  She appears a bit younger, and definitely more active, as she now runs a clinic, and is a practicing doctor.  She operates on Robin and takes care of him, as she and Batman reminisce on their shared past.  From this story on, Leslie has known of Bruce’s alter ego from the moment he adopted it.


This expands on the earlier stories, in which Leslie took care of Bruce immediately after his parents’ murders.  Now, she and Alfred are shown as the guardians of young Bruce all the way until adulthood. Interestingly, the story passes on detailing the origin of Robin to any degree, likely because they were already planning to change it.

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