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Detective 698 – Lock-Up has a key


Dixon, Nolan and Hanna continue the introduction of Lock-Up in Detective 698 (Early July 1996).


Two-Face, Killer Moth and Veezey are all concerned when Lock-Up does not return.  They are not his only prisoners, but the only ones of note.  Killer Moth’s inhuman new appearance is a result of his deal with Neron in Underworld Unleashed.


The police refuse to make the deal and release him, but this is not of much concern to Lock-Up.  He swallowed a handcuff key, which he brings up.  He takes out the guards, steals a uniform and walks right out the front door.


The heroes decide to split up, each keeping watch on one of the three men they feel most likely to be Lock-Up’s next target.  Batman goes into his Matches Malone disguise, but things do not work out well for him.  Nightwing gets busy, when he discovers his subject has kidnapped a child.


Tim turns out to have the right target, but winds up getting captured by Lock-Up himself.

The story concludes next issue.

Detective 689 – Firefly falls in love


The Firefly returns in a two-part story, by Chuck Dixon, Staz Johnson and Joe Rubenstein, which begins in Detective 689 (Sept. 95).


Garfield Lynns makes an impressive escape from Blackgate prison, starting a fire, and then using the updrafts to carry his balloon up and way.


Once back in Gotham, he gets himself put onto Black Mask’s payroll, becoming the mobster’s arsonist on demand.  He does not, however, get to meet the big man himself, which irks Lynns.


Dr.Simpson Flanders makes a cameo appearance, as we discover that he was hired by Blackgate after the events of Knightfall, and his lax recommendations for the prisoners resulted in Lynns’ escape, as well as other problems. Zehrhard, the warden of Blackgate, fires him.


Batman and Robin discover that the Firefly is working for Black Mask, after Batman adopts his Matches Malone disguise and gets the buzz from the underworld.


But what they do not know is that Lynns has fallen for a woman who lives in the same building he does, and has started romancing her.

The story concludes next issue.

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