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Detective 793 – tunneling out, and getting ready


Gabrych, Woods and Smith continue their story of family troubles and mob manipulations in Detective 793 (June 2004).


Below the rubble of the building, Batman finds Leslie, L’Shea and the still-dying girl, now with the baby delivered.


There is no clear way out, but a small passage that Batman has opened.  L’Shea crawls out with the baby, her grand-child.  It’s really not clear if she will take the baby to the hospital, or just dump it and run.  Batman and Leslie stay with the mother until she dies.


Batman hunts down Mr. Freeze, unplugging him and quickly removing him from the picture.


The story ends as Bruce and Leslie take a walk through the rarely-seen gardens surrounding Wayne Manor.  L’Shea did get the child t safety – and to the media, where she spun a story of delivering the child herself and earned the monicker Miracle Mom.  Bruce and Leslie are neither impressed nor surprised, but have also found more understanding between themselves.


Liberman, Dziakowski and Green get things set up for the finale of The Tailor, coming in the next issue.


Each page of this story shows the Tailor getting prepped for the coming fight, and along the bottom, his three former team-mates approaching Gotham, as the mileage signs mark the distance.


The story concludes next issue.

Detective 792 – a real diva, and The Tailor learns the plan


As if a shot, pregnant teenage girl was not enough, Gabrych, Woods and Smith take Detective 792 (May 2004) into even darker territory.


Leslie and the girl have been kidnapped by a gangster and his pop star wife, L’Shea.  As the story slowly comes out, we discover that L’Shea, who claims to be the girl’s sister, is really her mother.  She had the child at a young age, but didn’t want her to ruin her career. The kidnapping is just further insurance.


To complicate things, the gangster is involved in a power struggle over a region of Gotham known as The Hill, with Mr. Freeze also interested int the territory.


The story also has a flashback.  There was a period, in Bruce’s youth, when Leslie moved to Africa, running a clinic there.  Alfred and Bruce came to visit, and armed men tried to rob the hospital.  Bruce tried to fight them off, but failed.  It was Alfred who saved the day. The story also touches on the romance between Alfred and Leslie, which never came to fruition.


Batman also demonstrates that safety is no deterrent to fashion, with his snazzy new Bat-helmet for motorcycling.


The story culminates as Mr. Freeze’s men demonstrate why they will never be major villains on their own, using his weaponry so badly that they collapse an entire building on themselves, as well as L’Shea, Leslie and the wounded girl.

The story continues next issue.


The Tailor heads to prison, in this chapter by Lieberman, Dzialowski and Green.


Three more of his former gang members have been released, leaving only one behind bars.  Once again, he attempts to argue that he was not the snitch.  But it’s far too late for that, the other three are already on their way to Gotham, and neither the Tailor nor his daughter are safe.

The story continues in the next issue.



Detective 670 – Renee Montoya and the new Batman


Detective 670 (Jan. 94) is labelled as being part of Knightquest: The Search.  But that storyline follows Bruce Wayne as he pursues Jack Drake and Shondra Kinsolving, which is not what the story in this issue, by Check Dixon, Barry Kitson and Scott Hanna, is about at all.  I think the reason behind the label is that this story does not follow on from the last issue, the set-up for the Joker’s movie.  That picks up again next issue.  This one might be termed a one-issue Knightquest – Renee Montoya special.


Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are called to the scene when a body frozen deep inside a block of ice is found in the river.  They bring it to the station to thaw it out,in hopes of determining the identity of the victim.


Renee is watching over the body, and notices that it seems to be encased in armour.  Of course, all she has to do is step out and get distracted for a moment, and of course the body has vanished from the ice by the time she gets back.


The lights go out in the station, which draws Batman’s interest, and Renee comes face to face with Batman for the first time since seeing him put into the ambulance.


She has already figured out that the frozen body is really Mr. Freeze, alive and well.  Still a minor Batman villain at this point, the story neatly makes his identity a surprise.


Batman takes him down, but Renee winds up pulling her gun in order to prevent him from killing the man.  And Jean-Paul does a very poor job pretending to know who Mr. Freeze is, when he clearly had no idea.

Renee is left convinced that this is not the Batman she knew.

Detective 595 – Batman battles invading aliens, and Mr. Freeze invades S.T.A.R. Labs


Alan Grant and John Wagner are joined by Irv Novick and Steve Mitchell for Batman’s Invasion! crossover, in Detective 595 (Holiday 1988).


Maxwell Lord contacts Batman after the alien invasion begins, but Batman begs off, insisting he must deal with the crime in Gotham.  But then Batman discovers Durlan shape-shifters running guns into the city.  They make the mistake of using cuban cigar crating for their guns, unaware of the US embargo.


Batman defeats the Durlans and then heads down to Havana, where he takes on Thanagarian flyers.


And big, nasty Khund warriors.

Considering that Batman was, largely, out of his league in the Invasion! storyline, this crossover gave him a chance to show his stuff against three of the major alien races involved.


This issue also contains a Bonus Book, by Jeff O’Hare, Roderick Delgado and Jerry Acerno.


It’s a really straightforward Mr. Freeze story.  He escapes from Arkham and heads to S.T.A.R. Labs, to steal a big diamond they have, to power his freeze gun.


He captures and tries to kill Batman, who escapes and captures him.  Same old same old.

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