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Detective 707 – The Cluemaster fights to save Batman


Dixon, Nolan and Roach conclude the three-part Riddler/Cluemaster story in Detective 707 (March 1997).


Batman does not put everything else on hold for this.  When he comes across some thieves, he goes off to fight them, and gets grazed by a bullet.  Cluemaster tries to hide, but the Riddler orders him to save Batman, or he will set off the bomb.  So Cluemaster actually stands up to the hoods.  It doesn’t work, and he starts to get pummeled, but Robin shows up in time.


The signal to the Riddler is blocked as they go through a tunnel, and Batman takes advantage of this to switch Cluemaster to the trunk of the Redbird. Robin has a voice modulator that makes him sound like Batman.


Robin is also the one to figure out that the sequence of numbers and letters, in a set of nine, refers to baseball.  The biblical clue was not meant to be read as “In the beginning,” but as “in the big inning.”  Batman reveals a complete lack of knowledge of baseball.  His childhood was consumed by other things.

With the baseball part clear, Oracle does a search, and finds out that the stats that have been the answers to the riddles all refer to a game from 1919, the bat from which is being auctioned off – and is the Riddler’s goal.  Heck of a riddle, I give Dixon credit.


But things take a turn for the worse when Cluemaster lets it slip that he is with Robin, not Batman, pushing up the Riddler’s schemes.


Query and Echo do little, but are around in this, and the previous issue, and get taken down by Batman, before he catches the Riddler and destroys the device that would set off the bomb.

A great story for both villains, clarifying the difference between them, and making Cluemaster once again look like the lowest of the low.


Detective 668 – Batman vs Robin


The tensions between Tim Drake and Jean-Paul Valley reach a breaking point in Detective 668 (Nov.93), part of Knightquest: The Crusade, by Dixon, Nolan and Hanna.


Batman goes for a test drive of the subway rocket, and almost has a head-on collision with a train.  One cannot help but be impressed at the vehicle’s ability to instantly change direction.


Tim comes home from school to discover that he special driver’s liscence has arrived.  Though he is only fifteen, he has used his father’s disability to get the dispensation.  Excited, he heads for the Batcave, to get the car that Bruce had constructed for him.


The Trigger Twins get their monicker from a gang boss they consult with in Gotham.  I love that he alludes to them being comic book characters.  The Trigger Twins were western heroes, and the cover feature for many years in All-Star Western.


The Joker also has a cameo, setting up his forthcoming storyline.  He contacts a Hollywood producer about making a movie about himself.


Robin has to sneak into the cave, and finds a very angry Jean-Paul.  He wants Robin out of the cave, and has no interest in Tim’s explanation about the Redbird.  Their fight ends the issue, and continues into the pages of Robin 1, as the first ever ongoing Robin series begins.


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