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Detective 807 – Batman undercover, and Alfred’s cover is blown


It’s another chapter of City of Crime, by Lapham, Bachs and Massengil, in Detective 807 (Aug. 05).


Batman spends the duration of the story wandering around the poorer parts of Gotham (Crown Point in this storyline).  He is in disguise, but a stranger, and he can learn little except that the poor have learned not to trust strangers.  So he tells Robin to hold the fort, and creates a new identity, becoming a longshoreman in order to penetrate their world.


Alfred’s story, by Beatty and Parker, reaches its conclusion in this issue.


The attempted assassination of Parsifal has to do with Russian agents and double-dealings among the Germans, but none of that really helps Alfred, who has to fight his way to freedom.  He takes down Gudra with a shotgun blast of rock salt.


And though he makes it back to England safely, the Germans have a heavy price out for the butler-spy, and Alfred is encouraged to leave the UK and take up a different identity somewhere else.  And that’s how Alfred Beagle became Alfred Pennyworth, and came to the US to be the Wayne’s butler.

Detective 806 – Scarface keeps on talking , and Alfred as spy


It’s more City of Crime, by Lapham, Bachs and Massengil, in Detective 806 (July 2005).


More gang warfare in this storyline, as the dissolving mud people prove they are able to blast away their enemies.  Arnold Wesker lies prone and bloody, looking near death, but Scarface keeps on talking.


It all makes for a very creepy scene, even for Batman.  The Ventriloquist is not dead, though.  Can’t really tell from this issue, but we see him (and Scarface) in the hospital in a later issue.


And the Penguin has had enough of the mud people.  He winds up coming to Batman’s aid, machine gunning them from a helicopter.

The story continues in the next issue.


Scott Beatty and Jeff Parker share a story of Alfred’s early days.  For some reason, there is no “before War Games” badge on this story, even though it obviously occurs decades earlier.


Set during World War 2, Alfred Beagle is a young actor, and master of make-up and disguise.  He gets called up by MI5, to serve as a spy.


He adopts the guise of a butler, to serve at a party for German bigwigs, including some of their super-powered soldiers.  Gudra, the Valkyrie appears.  She appeared throughout the 80s in All-Star Squadron and Young All-Stars, but hasn’t been seen much since.  There is also a heavily armoured soldier named Parsifal.  This is clearly a different person than the World War 2 German operative Parsifal that appeared in James Robinson’s Golden Age miniseries.


A very alert Alfred saves Parsifal from being poisoned, but not from being shot.  However, the price is that everyone now knows he is a spy.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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