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Detective 772 – Sasha Bordeaux gets tempted, and Josie Mac ends


Bruce Wayne: Fugitive nears its end with Detective 772 (Sept. 02), by Greg Rucka, Sergio Cariello and John Nyberg.


Sasha Bordeaux is the star of this issue, which centres on her time in prison.  She has been convicted and sentenced to life.  People are still coaxing her to turn on Bruce Wayne and confess all, and she begins to waver in this tale.  You really can’t blame her.  Prison life is hell, and everything indicates that she has been cut loose and abandoned.


As she reaches her lowest point, Alfred comes to visit.  He is brutally frank – yes, Bruce used her.  He uses everyone.  But he chose to bring her  into his world, he trusted her.  And a little honesty and compassion go a long way.


So Sasha keeps her silence.


Josie Mac’s story comes to a close this issue, by Winick and Chiang.  I found it curious that this does not pick up from the Two-Face scene that ended the previous one.  Yes, he told her that he was not the one who had her father killed, but he still had her at gunpoint.  What happened?


Anyway, she figures out that the one who killed him was working for the mobster who hired her, trying to bring him down and take his place.  She kills him, and after fudging the crime scene a bit, gets promoted to detective.  This odd ending does not do anything to win me over to the series, but Josie Mac does return.


Detective 740 – Bane vs the Joker


Greg Rucka, Sergio Cariello and Mark Buckingham bring the two-part Shellgame storyline to a close in Detective 740 (Jan. 00), as No Man’s Land draws to a close.


The issue, which scans over a large group of people and places, begins with Oracle musing over Lex Luthor’s reconstruction of Gotham, and how he has played the media to make himself the golden boy hero of the city.


Batman and Robin have been monitoring Pettit and the Huntress.  Their region has held off everyone, including all aid, and the people are starting to flee.  Pettit demands that no one be allowed to leave, as it will weaken them.  The Huntress tries to reason with him, but fails.


Luthor gets frustrated at how his equipment and crews keep getting sabotaged and killed by the Joker, and enlists Bane to guard them.  The Joker brings Harley Quinn to help him, but Bane also has Mercy at his side, and fends the Joker off.


We even catch up with good old Dr. Simpson Flanders, back on tv, hawking his new book about life in No Man’s Land.


With Luthor’s rebuilding indicating a power shift in Gotham, the Penguin makes his move, with a large group of men, to demand his cut of the action.  Mercy takes out the Penguin’s men without even breaking a sweat.  Luthor gives the Penguin nothing but his own life.


The issue has lots of ominous foreboding, but ends on a happy note, as Lucius Fox takes the airwaves to announce that the government has rescinded the No Man’s Land proclamation, and Gotham is open again.

But the story is not yet over…

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