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Action 464 – Superman vs the Purple Pile-Driver


Superman does, indeed, battle a villain called the Purple Pile-Driver in Action 464 (Oct. 76), but thankfully that is not the main thrust of this first part of a three part tale, by Bates, Swan and Blaisdel.


Melba Manton appears, broadcasting the deaths of a couple, which occurred right in front of their young son.  Melba was introduced a few years earlier in the pages of Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane, but her appearances were always sporadic.  In fact, this is her only appearance in 1976.


Clark Kent heads to the orphanage to do a follow up piece on the boy, but he has escaped.  Apparently using a bat-rope.


Superman has a second, conclusive round with Purple Pile-Driver, and defeats him just outside a STAR labs facility, where an explosion occurs.  Investigating, Superman finds a site that resembles the Flash origin, and hears that a teenage assistant was doused in chemicals and ran off.


Superman follows the trail, and finds younger versions of Batman and the Flash, who insist they are the real thing, forced to re-live their lives.  By who?  He’s just off-panel!

Detective 595 – Batman battles invading aliens, and Mr. Freeze invades S.T.A.R. Labs


Alan Grant and John Wagner are joined by Irv Novick and Steve Mitchell for Batman’s Invasion! crossover, in Detective 595 (Holiday 1988).


Maxwell Lord contacts Batman after the alien invasion begins, but Batman begs off, insisting he must deal with the crime in Gotham.  But then Batman discovers Durlan shape-shifters running guns into the city.  They make the mistake of using cuban cigar crating for their guns, unaware of the US embargo.


Batman defeats the Durlans and then heads down to Havana, where he takes on Thanagarian flyers.


And big, nasty Khund warriors.

Considering that Batman was, largely, out of his league in the Invasion! storyline, this crossover gave him a chance to show his stuff against three of the major alien races involved.


This issue also contains a Bonus Book, by Jeff O’Hare, Roderick Delgado and Jerry Acerno.


It’s a really straightforward Mr. Freeze story.  He escapes from Arkham and heads to S.T.A.R. Labs, to steal a big diamond they have, to power his freeze gun.


He captures and tries to kill Batman, who escapes and captures him.  Same old same old.

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