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Detective 830 – Robin blowtorches himself


Moore and Clarke conclude their two-part story about the attack on Wayne Tower in Detective 830 (Late May 2007).


Robin has to use a blowtorch to remove the explosive goo from his uniform.  Those costumes must be extremely sturdy, if a blowtorch will not damage them.


Bruce has no luck keeping the peace delegates from fighting amongst themselves, and with Tim in trouble and Vox on the loose, drops a smoke bomb and uses it to get away and change to Batman.


Both halves of this story use exterior shots of the Tower really well, helping to build the suspense in the situation.


Batman finally confronts Vox.  The two men fight, but it’s not strength that defeats the bomber.


Rather, it’s Batman arguments about making innocents suffer while trying to right wrongs, and Vox realizing that he has become just as bad as those he wants to destroy.  He frees himself from Batman, and falls to his death.

Probably because it never really delves into the politics, this remains a good, solid suspense story.

Detective 829 – Wayne Tower under attack


Stuart Moore and Andy Clarke fill in for a two-part story, beginning in Detective 829 (Early May 2007).


Bruce Wayne is hosting an international anti-terrorism conference, which not everyone is happy about.  Chiefly, the guy who sets off bombs within the Tower.


There he is.  Vox.  His agenda has to do with a fictional middle eastern country.  He broadcasts to the police, but Batman realizes the signal is coming from inside the building.  Batman is trapped as Bruce, with the delegates, and Lucius Fox.


Tim Drake managed to get to one of the secret “closets” and change into Robin, but Bruce is stuck with his cell phone, talking to Gordon.  It all makes for a decent thriller.


Tim winds up face to face with Vox.


And as the story reaches its cliffhanger, Robin is coated in explosive goo, as Vox heads away to a safe distance before detonating it.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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