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Action 482 – Amazo vs the Supermobile


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte continue the Amazo story, pitting the android against the Supermobile in Action 482 (April 1978).


Superman continues to fight Amazo in the Supermobile, due to his loss of powers.  The story is recapped as a WGBS special, with Steve Lombard, Lana Lang, and even weatherman Oscar Asherman weighing in.


Amazo has vowed to kill Superman’s friends, and of course the first one he goes after is Lois Lane.  Superman was expecting that (who wasn’t?) and uses the Supermobile to rescue Lois.

It might have been fun to have Amazo go after others, and have Superman rescue them as well, until the Supermobile got so full he couldn’t move.  Good thing I don’t write these.


Superman and Amazo’s battle leads into space, and through a small time warp, taking them a few days ahead, to where the red sun rays are nolonger an issue, and Superman’s powers return.  Ivo reveals that he has been in Superman’s cape the entire time, shrunk down by the ray to enter Kandor.

Superman leaves Amazo stuck in the planetoid, and flies Lois and Ivo back to Earth.

The story concludes in the next issue.


Action 481 – the Supermobile!


Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte introduce the Supermobile in Action 481 (March 1978).


Superman uses a teleportation ray to get him and Professor Ivo away from Amazo, and to the Fortress of Solitude.  Superman mentions Kandor to Ivo, and he disappears from the story for a while.  Superman unleashes a creature from his Interplanetary Zoo to fight Amazo,and provide some interesting visuals.


Superman takes advantage of the diversion to get to the Supermobile, a weaponized vehicle designed to duplicate his powers.

Oh, also, Ivo and Superman have figured out that a wave a red sun energy passed the satellite, stealing Superman’s powers, but waking Amazo.  Neither of them were aware of it when it happened.


The Justice League, watching this from their satellite, also recap this information, and Batman explains that the vehicle is made of Supermanium, a substance almost as strong as the hero.


The fight in the Supermobile is fun.  Yes, this is clearly a toy tie-in, but it works well in the story.


The Supermobile proves enough of a problem for Amazo that he threatens to kill Superman’s friend, who all just happen to be neatly lined up, watching the fight.

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