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Action 622 – Superman threatens Green Lantern, Wild Dog ends, a Starman promo, the Secret Six on campus, and Blackhawk ends


Green Lantern may be cleaning up on Earth on the cover of Action 622, but is in outer space in the story.


Owsley, Bright and Marzan have Green Lantern travel through space on the trail of the beam that destroyed his lantern in this chapter.


There is some beautiful outer space art, and an entertaining series of memories of a meeting Hal had with Superman.  Each time Hal remembers it, it becomes increasingly insulting, but that simply spurs his will.


Beatty returns, to join Collins and Nyberg as they wind up the second Wild Dog storyline.  The serial killer woman is shocked to find that she has stabbed a child.  And Wild Dog is more concerned with getting the boy to the hospital than stopping her.


She winds up willing to turn herself in, as it turns out, and comes to the hospital to watch over the boy.  Which is probably a more re-assuring site than a man in a hockey mask.

Wild Dog returns later down the road.


No Deadman story this week.  Instead, as a filler, there is a Starman story by Roger Stern, Tom Lyle and Robert Campanella.


This is the Will Payton Starman, currently in his own book.  The Starman no one liked, as he was later to be known.  There is little to this story, just an introduction to the character, really.


The Secret Six storyline swirls towards August Durant, from the original team, in this chapter by Pasko, Springer and McLaughlin.


The university plot, and the Washington DC plot, both connect when it comes to Durant.  And aside from him and Carlo, none of the other members of the original team are really dealt with at all in this sequel.


Pasko and Burchett have a quick ending to this Blackhawk story.  The team gathers and flees from the plantation, flying directly over a volcano.


The bad guy flies right into a eruption.  The connection between the CIA and the Blackhawks is being forged during the flight, but all Janos notices is the dead aviatrix.

Detective 649 – Spoiler vs the Cluemaster


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna conclude the Cluemaster/Spoiler storyline in Detective 649 (Early Sept. 92).


Spoiler is less than pleased when Batman informs her that she will not be allowed to join him and Robin when they stop her father’s crime.  But she still gives Batman all the information she has on it.  There is some impressively elaborate planning, including staging accidents to block the roads with access to the location, although Stephanie has no idea how they plan to escape afterwards.


Everyone converges on the mall for its grand opening.  Spoiler waits until Batman and Robin have left, and then goes anyway.


Cluemaster and his gang are dressed like Robin Hood and his merry men, and the robbery begins to unfold perfectly.


Batman and Robin show up, but are outplayed when a helicopter smashes through the domed roof, to carry Cluemaster and his haul away.


Spoiler is on the roof, and disrupts his plans long enough for Batman to climb up.  Cluemaster grabs Spoiler, threatening to kill her.


And then finds out who she is.


Unmasked, Stephanie takes down her father. She is tempted to kill him, but Batman talks her out of it.

A really great return for Cluemaster, far better than any story he had previously appeared in.  And the addition of Spoiler makes this a fascinating family, one that we absolutely had to see more of.

Detective 648 – Spoiler debuts


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna continue the Cluemaster story in Detective 648 (Late Aug. 92).


Robin tracks the source of the clues, mailed from different locations in the city, and encounters Stephanie, garbed and masked.  When Robin discovers that the person he tacked is a girl, he is disoriented enough that she manages to fight him off and get free.


Robin doubles down on trying to find out who the girl is, although Alfred suggests that Tim may have some other interest in her.  They determine that she is Stephanie Brown, the daughter of the Cluemaster.  Confronting her, Robin determines that far from working with her father, she has been sending the clues in order to alert the police, in hopes that they will catch him.


Robin brings her to Batman, who asks her codename, and she replies Spoiler.  Batman approves.

The story concludes in the next issue.

Detective 647 – Cluemaster returns


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna bring the Cluemaster back in Detective 647 (Aug. 92).  For the past few years, the Cluemaster had been a member of the Injustice League, appearing in various Justice League books, and more or less reduced to a joke.


In this story, he presents himself to one of Gotham’s gangs, showing himself to be far more capable than he had seemed in recent years.  He insists that he has been cured of his compulsion to send clues to the police before his crimes.


There is another mayoral election brewing, with Armand Krol as the front runner.  And a mysterious young girl, Stephanie, is also introduced.


Commissioner Gordon starts receiving puzzle pieces, and calls in Batman and Robin.  They eliminate the Joker and Riddler as suspects, leaving Cluemaster the most likely culprit.


Batman tracks him down, and for the first time in his long career, we learn that his real name is Arthur Brown.  Brown insists he is on the side of the angels, and has no connection with the clues being sent.  The partial truth is enough to make Batman let him go.


The gang, however, are none to thrilled about the clues the police are receiving, and the boss accuses Cluemaster of sending them, and orders him killer.  Cluemaster quickly turns the tables, killing the boss and taking over the gang.

The story continues in the next issue.



Detective 646 – Electric City ends


Dixon, Lyle and Hanna bring their first storyline, Electric City, to a conclusion in Detective 646 (July 1992).


Although Batman and Robin rescue the publisher from a direct attack by Galivan, they underestimate the scopeof his powers, as he fries the man from a building across the way.


As the storyline progressed, Gordon keeps putting off asking Sarah to marry him, and begins to think it’s not such a good idea.  The fact that he is one of the people Galivan aims to kill does not improve the romantic mood.


The Electrocutioner has a very small role in this.  Robin takes him down pretty fast.  And both Robin and Commissioner Gordon distract Galivan from Batman, giving Batman the second he needs to catch his breath and take Galivan down for good.


And the story reaches a very happy ending, as Sarah Essen accepts Jim Gordon’s proposal.

Dixon was very skilled at mixing the heroes vs villains with the personal lives of the supporting cast.


Detective 645 – The Electrocutioner saves Batman’s life


Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna continue the Electric City storyline in Detective 645 (June 1992).


Robin finds Batman near death, and the Electrocutioner standing over him.  The Electrocutioner manages to convince Robin that he was not the one who electrocuted the hero.


And the story confirms that this Electrocutioner is not a rabid killer like the last one, as he  shocks Batman’s heart back into beating.


This issue also gives the backstory on Galivan.  A killer sentenced to the electric chair, he appeared to die in it, but  came back to life with the ability to draw electricity and shoot it out.  He blames all those who were at his execution, and is out to kill them.


A recovered Batman, as well as Robin, have also figured out Galivan’s motivation, and head to the offices of a newspaper publisher, his next intended victim.

The story concludes next issue.



Detective 644 – Electric City begins


Chuck Dixon begins his run on this book with Detective 644 (May 1992), with Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna on the art.


With no real preamble, we meet the main Villain of the story, Galivan, and see his first vengeful murder.  He has some degree of control over electricity, and using it drains the grid, so the murder he commits blacks out part of the city.


Commissioner Gordon and Sarah Essen have rekindled their old relationship, and things are getting serious enough that Gordon has bought a ring, even though he hasn’t worked up the courage to pop the question.


Montoya and Bullock are the investigating officers on the murder scene.  The two characters work very well together, and would be a team for many years.


Batman catches up to Galivan, who has no interest in killing him.He refers to his list of those he intends to kill, so we know there is more to his story than we have been given so far.


Batman barely survives Galivan’s attack, and is near death when the Electrocutioner shows up.  This appears to be a different man than the one from a year or so ago.  He wears the original costume,  and as the next issue makes clear, shares the original’s goal of taking down bad guys.

The story continues in the next issue.

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