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Detective 796 – Stephanie Brown as Robin, and Onyx shows her stuff


Stephanie Brown’s dreams have come true in Detective 796 (Sept. 04), as Gabrych, Woods and Massengil relate her adventures as Batman’s partner in crime fighting.


After Tim Drake quits being Robin, Batman offers the position to Stephanie, who jumps at it.  Oracle accuses Batman of doing this simply to piss off Tim, to which Batman responds by ignoring Oracle.


This issue pits them against Zsasz, who has broken out of prison and begun another killing spree.  The art does an interesting thing with his vision. Only humans (potential victims) are shown in vibrant colour, everything else is grey.  There is no reason to think this is some sort of super human power, it reflects his psychosis.


As they search the subway for Zsasz, Stephanie falls into his hands, and needs to be saved by Batman – but evens the scales as she saves Batman from Zsasz later in the fight.


Batman is not entirely pleased with her actions, finding that she is tending towards wanting to use lethal force.  At the end of the scolding, she asks if he is firing her.  He replies that he is simply teaching her.  But he fires her before the next issue anyway.


Gabrych also concludes his back-up story of Onyx in this issue, with art by Walker and Nixey.


Batman and Batgirl stage a fight with Orpheus in Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge.  Onyx shows her stuff, taking down both heroes.  No one is likely to mess with her after that.  Or Orpheus.


Still, Cassandra Cain hates losing a fight, even a staged one, and hopes for a friendly, but real, match with Onyx one day.


Detective 795 – Orpheus needs help, and Green Arrow hunts out Onyx


Gabrych and Woods are joined by Nathan Massengil on inks for Detective 795 (Aug. 04).


The Tarantula and Orpheus get into a fight.  Tarantula is completely unaware that Orpheus is working for Batman, and sees him as nothing more than another gang leader, albeit one who wears purple and keeps a motorcycle helmet on at all times.  Batman has to start, and lose, a fight with Orpheus so that he can retain some street cred after being humiliated by Tarantula.


Batman runs into her again, in the sewers, as they face Kafka once more.  The cockroaches have increased their number, but now fight amongst themselves.  This is the last appearance of Kafka to date.


Batman and Orpheus meet at the end of the story, as Batman forces Orpheus to accept that their plans are not working out.  Orpheus needs help, and it can’t be from one of the Batman’s people. Who can they turn to?


The back-up story in this issue really follows the main story directly.  Gabrych scripts, with Brad Walker and Troy Nixey on the art.


Green Arrow takes a journey to a place he has not been in a long time, the monastery that Onyx came from.  Remember her?  She was a supporting player in Green Arrow’s back-up series in this book, just before Crisis.  She has abandoned her afro for the shaved head look.  Fashion even reaches the Himilayas, it seems.


At Batman’s request, Green Arrow enlists Onyx to come to Gotham, and to act as Orpheus’ bodyguard.

The story continues next issue.

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