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Action 266 – Streaky, the Super-Cat returns


Despite the promise on the cover of Action 266 (July 1960), neither the Superman nor Supergirl story in this issue pit the two teams against each other, although Krypto and Streaky do both appear in the Siegel and Mooney Supergirl tale.


Streaky, the Super-Cat is brought back in this story.


Paul Dexter, a boy at the orphanage, is central to this tale, but it’s his only appearance.  Superman stops by, entertaining the kids, along with Krypto.  Paul ties a cape on Streaky, and tries to coax him into being super-powered, which, of course, does not work.


But that piece of x-kryptonite is still around.  Streaky gets it buried in a ball of twine, which stays in the basement of the orphanage, where it can power the cat up whenever the story requires it.


Paul sees Streaky’s super-deeds, but none of the other kids do.  Linda rushes around covering up for Streaky, in case it reveals her identity, but this does make Paul look like he is either a compulsive liar, or insane.


In the end Supergirl arranges a preposterous explanation, that Krypto was trying to make Streaky think that he had powers.  Oh, the way those animals pull human-like tricks on each other.

Action 261 – Superman gives tours of his Fortress, Congorilla ends, and Streaky the Super-Cat debuts


Great cover for Action 261 (Feb. 61). Sadly, the Superman story, by Siegel, Boring and Kaye, is not nearly as entertaining.


Superman starts giving guided tours of his Fortress of Solitude.  He inspects the guests for hidden weapons or devices, but misses a bomb hidden in a lead thermos.


Superman relates stories about his most dangerous foes – none of which are characters we have seen before or since.  Some Kandorians become aware of the bomb plot, but are unable to warn Superman because of a rainbow gem.  They do alert Superman in time, when the bombers cover the gem with the lead thermos lid.


Congo Bill’s long -running series reaches the end of its run in Action Comics with this story by Robert bernstein and Howard Sherman.


It’s not a great note to go out on.  Congo Bill accidentally rubs his ring while giving a performance, and the Golden Gorilla uses his body to run rampant.  Janu knows what is going on, and tries to calm the creature, but some hoods dressed as police take the boy down.


It’s a lot of chaos and confusion.  Some parts are fun, and it’s a change of pace, but the switch back at the end of the story is the result of a bullet grazing the ring, which really should not have any effect at all.

The Congorilla series is not done, it simply moves to the pages of Adventure Comics.  But those stories are not that great, and the series ends within the year.


Streaky, the Super-Cat gets introduced in this story by Siegel and Mooney.


Linda rescues a stray cat, and names him Streaky, due to his markings.  Linda had also been experimenting with kryptonite, trying to find a cure. Streaky comes across some residue from her experiment, called x-kryptonite, which endows him with super-powers.


The first thing he does is take vengeance on the dog that had attacked him earlier.  Supergirl discovers Streaky, and they play together for a while.


Streaky’s powers vanish as quickly as they came.  Supergirl has no idea what caused them, and of course Streaky cannot explain.  The story leaves it open to the readers, as to whether Streaky’s powers will return.  And the readers clearly responded positively, as the cat will come across more x-kryptonite in the future.

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