Con artist J. Wilbur Wolfingham makes his final appearance in Action 573 (Nov. 85), getting a send off from Boldman, Schaffenberger and Oskner.  Wolfingham very rarely appeared after the 40s, and was last in an issue of Superman in 1979.


This one has Wolfingham, with a young nephew, explaining to Superman where all the people on Earth went.  Wolfingham met a friendly alien, and pulled one of his typical scams, selling the guy a deed to the Earth.  As it turned out, the alien had the needed powers to take possession.


The alien tries to sell the property to other beings, but Superman keeps creating disasters, making it all look unlivable.  The alien finally sells the deed back to Wolfingham, and brings all the people back.


A decent enough story for what it is.  Very like an original Wolfingham tale.

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